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Diamonds Direct was founded by Alon Arabov, a diamond manufacturer based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. In 1995, the first Diamonds Direct opened in Charlotte, N.C. eliminating the middleman and selling diamonds directly to the end customer from the manufacturing facility in Israel.Today, Diamonds Direct is one of America's largest and most successful independent jewelry companies with seven locations in the U.S. Each Diamonds Direct offers loose and mounted diamonds, a multitude of engagement ring mountings by America's top designers, diamond and gemstone fashion jewelry, wedding bands, pearls and much more. Diamonds Direct was acquired by Blackstone (NYSE: BX) on November 16, 2015 for approximately $200M.


Inpedio is led by a team of cyber veterans with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in mobile security and cyber-attack methods. Inpedio provides cutting-edge cyber solutions to government and private sector customers around the world. Inpedio's flagship solution, Mercury, secures information, for individuals and organizations, with multiple layers of smart security … safeguarding the entire mobile environment – mobile device, network connectivity, and communications – from WITHIN.


RFISee develops unique automotive radar with maximum 3D image resolution in a low-cost device, providing the best "eyes" for safer and autonomous vehicles. In every aspect, RFISee’s solution is deemed to be far more advanced, reliable and effective. RFISee’s experience expert team already build an impressive product demo and signed planned pilots and MOU with leading OEM and Tier 1. watch the video


HopOn had developed a seamless mobile ticketing platform for the mass transit, or to keep it simple, pay for the bus with your smartphone, by seamlessly hop-on the bus. HopOn is changing the way transit is being used, by replacing heavy ticketing points with ticketing zones. HopOn is currently available at the local Tel Aviv transit network as well as few European networks. watch the video


Up to 30% of customers that land on the site have devices that are infected with code injecting malware. That means, visitors get distracted by irrelevant content that makes them disappear from the site. PageSeal stops pop-up ads, hiding ads, and redirects, so user can watch his traffic & revenue soar, engage more with his prospects and protect brand's image and integrity. With PageSeal's unique solution, client gets: full visibility, seamless integration, adaptive learning, maintained performance, powerful protection and simple scaling. watch the video


Qira is an insurance program that helps renters get approved. Better than a cosigner or extra security deposits, qualified tenants pay a fee that simultaneously insures the property for all future rent payments. And what better guarantee than one issued by a successful company backed up by an A rated national insurer? Renters benefit by getting the apartment that they want while also building up their credit files, with no awkward calls for help to family and friends. Brokers benefit by earning more commissions. With the Qira instant tenant pre-approval, brokers can spend their time and efforts on successful rental applications. watch the video


Full stack platform for managing investment portfolios based on the wisdom of the professional crowd. Tipigo is on the forefront of a new investing dynamic which allows you to outperform the markets without the need of using leverage or other risky strategies. Tipigo allows you to manage a dynamic portfolio enhanced with selected stocks. Investing in selected stocks allows us to achieve superior returns, as opposed to managing static, ETF-based portfolios. There are always lucrative opportunities ready to be exploited. By combining big data science and specialized analyst recommendations in real time, the company is able to identify exceptional investment opportunities just in time to reap the profit. watch the video


Servicefriend is the new way for digital transformation. Servicefriend provides hybrid bot technology for a consistent messaging experience at massive scale. In all the current solutions in the market, bots transfer the session to a live person when they cannot handle a situation, creating a disintegrated, expensive and slow experience. With Servicefriend, the bot is always the front-end, and every conversation receives the same branded, consistent and cohesive experience – the Hybrid Bot Experience. Now everyone can let people communicate with his business as they do with their friends.


SHELLY is the world׳s mobile platform solution designed to provide Peace of Mind while traveling. It is a One-Stop-App for travelers in time of need: providing emergency services’ contacts worldwide; locating medical service providers; allowing doctors to review vital medical profile; activating travel insurance “on the go”; access local doctors on demand, telemedicine services and pharmacies that are covered under the customer travel insurance; managing traveler interactions with the travel insurance company. SHELLY provide also every world traveler the ability to simply manage relevant medical information and share it — easily, effectively and securely — with local doctors, especially in case of an emergency.


Talia is a Digital First Brand and the world’s most unique and innovative concept in fine jewelry with numerous patents filed to ensure its absolute exclusivity. Talia’s Jewelry’s concept is to let women express both their stories and their style by mixing and matching components in an endless number of ways to suit any style, any occasion, and any budget. Service allows the consumer to create and assemble their own designs creating an enjoyable and rewarding process. watch the video


The CORAL System gives clients the peace of mind they need when owning a private pool. Its software and camera constantly are watching and analyzing pool underwater. The CORAL unique system and design and sophisticated software constantly monitors the pool with its built-in underwater video camera and whenever it identifies a near drowning event it generates an alarm. Simultaneously in case the user is not around, it is sending alerts to all household members via their smart-phones or tablets. watch the video


Zoey is focused on solving one problem: making high-end eCommerce technology available to merchants without enterprise budgets. The company believes that entrepreneurs and small businesses are the heartbeat of the global economy and that these businesses have long been underserved by their eCommerce platforms. Zoey was built to offer a refreshing alternative to on-premise online stores and hosted platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce. Zoey centers on ease of use of hosted platforms paired with the power of an on-premise solution.


Musketeer revolutionizes personal safety — creating communities of people who are ready to help each other in times of need. Utilizing today's most advanced technologies, Musketeer aims to make society safer by enabling peer-to-peer help anywhere at any time. The Musketeer app is for the community, and the Musketeer philosophy is for everyone: Smarter cities, informed companies, and united peoples, building a safer world for everyone in it. watch the video


Magic Square was founded in 2017 by Andrey Nayman and Anna Becker. Magic Square’s mission is to change the way people trade and invest in the Capital markets. The company is a pioneer in the AI- based trading platform industry which both able and empowers traders to build their own trading strategies without the necessity to code. Thus, traders can execute all trades and strategies through the company’s automated platform which supports All Capital Market securities (Stocks, Forex, ETF’s, Futures and Cryptocurrencies).


Receive up to $100K in flexible financing, tailored for growing businesses. Return a portion of your daily income.


“Business banking of the future”. Lance is the first self-driving business bank account that's all about making money (and life) simple for the self-employed. With smart income allocations, scheduled salary transfers, and automated tax payments — we're finally giving freelancers the financial structure they never had.


The mission of the SnapB2B is to solve B2B payments at the source. Payments are the last mile in a long and complex process between businesses. It is a fragmented and manual process, prone to mistakes and duplicate payments. SnapB2B developed the first app-based Payables Orchestration™ platform to keep end-to-end processes under control for the benefit of buyers as well as their vendors.


Userfront is a technology company that builds security infrastructure for the internet.
It's software makes it easy for businesses of any size to add modern authentication and access control to secure their applications online.


Access Granted - the only AI based data security platform that automatically grants the right access, to the right data, at the right time.


Based on comprehensive Algo-trading system architecture, as used successfully in financial markets worldwide, Fetcherr’s real-time centralized pricing engine aims to disrupt traditional rule-based (legacy) revenue systems by enabling High-Frequency Pricing.


Agora is an investment management software integrated with an investor portal for real estate investment managers and their investors. Agora helps companies raise and preserve more capital by automating their back-office operations, increase their investors' satisfaction, and provide them with advanced tools for better marketing efforts. Agora has recently raised a $9M seed round. watch the video


Zesty enables you to automate your cloud cost management by significantly reducing cloud costs without compromising stability or architecture changes. The product is a fully automated solution with no engineering effort. Zesty uses the RI Marketplace to provide a fully automated solution for Reserved Instance management. This unlocks significant savings and eliminates any manual efforts of buying, selling, and exchanging reserved instances.

In stealth mode - more details coming soon.


Innocap was founded with the aim of providing a solution to an existing problem. Safe drug use, focusing mainly on PAO - Period After Opening drugs. Innocap is dedicated to applying advanced technologies toward ensuring the simplest and most convenient access to the solution.


NUNUNU - Alternative gender-neutral choice to kids fashion.
NUNUNU creates an alternative fashion line to typical children’s clothing. It goes against fashion’s narrow set of beliefs, and breaks free from over-stimulating kid clichés. By introducing children to the wonderful mystery of minimalism, nununu lets kids shine at every stage with a kickass cocktail of attitude and a big sense of humor.


MixZone creates a new revenue stream for sports teams and federations by digitizing their ad inventory and providing them with advanced cloud-based content management system. With MixZone's innovative digital backdrop anyone in the organization can quickly and easily create and manage the sponsors’ digital signage. watch the video

In stealth mode - more details coming soon.