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We acting as a venture capitalist although we’re not a regular one. We’re a family office with a branch that focuses on startup inventions. We have approximately 20 startups from different industries.

We believe in founders with passion, fresh ideas and cutting edge technologies in cyber, fintech, e-commerce, IoT and mobility. We have enough experience and resources to support your brilliant idea with funding and consultations. Through early-stage funding, guidance, and support, we provide everything a startup needs to get focused, get started, and tackle the world’s largest markets.

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Latest news

August 2020

Israeli auto-tech co RFISee unveils 4D imaging radar chip

Israeli auto-tech company RFISee has unveiled a phased array 4D imaging radar chip. The company’s all weather radar has proven ability to detect cars from 500 meters and pedestrians from 200 meters, with an angular resolution greater than 1 degree. RFISee’s engineers have adapted phased array antenna technology, used in cutting edge military systems including the F-35 […]

December 2019

Coral Detection Systems Wins “Pool Product of the Year” Award – the 2019 UK Pool & Spa Awards

The Coral Manta 3000 AI Based Pool Safety System, wins the “Product of the Year” Category” at the prestigious UK Pool & Spa Awards. TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Coral Detection Systems, one of the most innovative players in the field of pool safety technologies has developed the world’s first AI-based drowning […]

November 2019

Robots Are Taking Over (the Rental Screening Process)

For decades, when you applied for an apartment, the landlord—or a tenant screening company hired by the landlord—would examine your credit file and pay stubs to verify your ability to pay rent. But today, landlords are using the artificial intelligence revolution to predict something else: Your willingness to pay rent. “Some people earn three times […]

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