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We acting as a venture capitalist although we’re not a regular one. We’re a family office with a branch that focuses on startup inventions. We have approximately 20 startups from different industries.

We believe in founders with passion, fresh ideas and cutting edge technologies in cyber, fintech, e-commerce, IoT and mobility. We have enough experience and resources to support your brilliant idea with funding and consultations. Through early-stage funding, guidance, and support, we provide everything a startup needs to get focused, get started, and tackle the world’s largest markets.

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January 2019

The Latest In Jewelry Design: Mixable, Modular, And Co-Created By You

Tal Man believes that human beings are intrinsically drawn to renewal and change. “Especially women,” she says. She would know: she was a television presenter and model before she enrolled at Shenkar, Israel’s foremost arts, design and technology college, out of respect for the wishes of her grandmother. It was there that she fell in […]

May 2019

Bode Miller debuts drowning prevention campaign and reveals wife is pregnant again

For the past year, Nicole Hughes and Morgan Miller have leaned on each other from across the country as they’ve navigated an unthinkable journey. Morgan and her husband – Olympic skier Bode Miller – lost their daughter Emmy last June. After the 19-month-old slipped out of a neighbor’s house and drowned in a swimming pool. […]

June 2019

New technology aims to prevent backyard pool drownings

In early 2019, Coral Detection Systems launched a device called the Coral Manta 3000, the device can be set up within minutes and monitors pools 24/7. The device is solar powered and uses advanced AI software and an underwater video camera to analyze, detect, and track all people in the pool. This technology is able […]

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