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We are a private venture capital fund with a strong passion for startups. We know that Pre Round-A (aka Series AA, Seed Stage and Post-Seed) funding plays a vital role in any startup’s success. And at Clear Future, we are thrilled to work with and support the finest startups the world has to offer.


At Clear Future, we are truly passionate about startups. They start revolutions. They push boundaries.Their ideas and inventions transform life on a global scale. We are proud to be the catalyst that gets them off to a strong start.


Our team has 45 years combined experience serving as CEOs and high profile executives of several successful international companies. Using industry knowledge, expert skills and consultants, we help bring prospective startups to life.

Alon Arabov

Founder & Chairman

Innovative businessman and entrepreneur, who founded and managed international companies specializing in a wide range of industries, markets and services. Alon has recently sold his US retail operation, Diamonds Direct, to Blackstone (NYSE: BX). As a second generation Diamantaire, he took his small family business and grew it to one of the leading international diamond companies, active in practically all links of the diamond supply chain - from rough diamond sourcin to the retail market. In the recent years he widened his business activities - founded a private equity fund and invested in a number of leading innovative companies specializing in e-commerce, mobile technology, financing and retail in the USA. Arabov is well known as not only a successful businessman but also as philanthropist who generously contributes to various charitable and non-profit organizations.. 

Erez Ezra


Erez Ezra came to Clear Future as an accomplished senior executive with many years as an experienced CEO and Managing Director in public and private hi-tech and services companies in Tel Aviv and Atlanta. He has established and directly managed global high growth sales & business development organizations in North and Central America, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

Gill Goshen


Gill adds to the Clear Future team over 20 years of executive level experience as a serial entrepreneur who founded, managed, invested in and sold a couple of successful companies. As a mentor to young entrepreneurs, Gill holds both law and business degrees, he serves as a director in numerous companies and non-profit organizations (including the board of Reichman University), and has a unique skill-set and expertise in luxury goods, omni-channel retail, e-commerce, direct-2-consumer, B2C tech solutions and B2B business development.

Hadas Peker-Nir


Hadas is in charge of all finance, legal and operations related matters. Hadas brings to Clear Future over 15 years of experience as a financial and business senior executive with a vast knowledge and understanding of the Israeli and international financial community with proven expertise in financial services, real estate funds, the capital markets, financing, private equity and venture capital, investment banking and asset management.

Hadas, a certified public accountant, holds a BA in Accounting and Economics and an EMBA in Financial Management both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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